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How can ArchiJOY help you today?

Scan to BIM conversion services

Can’t scale quickly enough to finish that next big as-built project?

Send us your 3D laser scan data and we will make Revit BIM models from it.

50+ large scale laser scan to BIM projects finished on time, and we are just warming up.

New project detailing service

Chasing deadlines and losing clients because of repetitive detailing tasks?

Put your production on steroids by using our project detailing service on Revit platform andfocus on what pays the best – your design and creativity.

Single Revit file is enough for setting up project standards.We can handle the rest.

ArcjiJOY is a team of BIM enthusiast dedicated to making project development in AEC open for the digital age, clear for all the involved parties, and most importantly communication friendly for teams scattered across the globe.


We believe that the key factor in bringing us closer to building everything more user and environmentally friendly lays in the evolution of architectural language, backed up by digital tools and services.

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