Now you can provide surveys everybody understands

Our survey scan to BIM quality is backed by thousands of square feet of 3D data developed by our team and used daily by surveyors, architectural offices and contractors across USA

Two ways of working with us, both super efficient


If you have a 3D laser scan ready and need a Revit model made out of it, you can book us on per project basis or monthly.


For full service of laser scanning and Revit modeling, we will connect you directly with a local surveying team.

How your business benefits


Book BIM modelers only when you need them. Scale your team to match the project size or fulfill client requests.


Avoid expensive training, software purchases and upgrades just for the sake of frantic Revit modeling requests.


ArchiJoy the benefits of automated workflows and fast scan to BIM as built turnarounds only a specialized team can deliver.

In a hurry? Download this case study to learn about more benefits and mistakes to avoid with large as-built projects.

Why you should care

If you are a typical BIM manager, you’re juggling between meeting clients, managing the engineering team developing the project documentation and coordinating on-site data with office work.And that is just a typical day.

Projects come in different sizes and most are scheduled to be finished in time frames which are hard to fulfill even for a well balanced in-house team.

What do you do when the next project comes along and you simply can’t scale your team to match the task? More often than not, you pass the project to your competitor! We all know how that story ends. The competitor comes after your profits soon after.

At ArchiJOY, we strive to show you there is a better, more efficient way of making as built models and avoid the pain of losing work. Learn more about laser scanning and BIM using our LinkedIn group with over 1200 active members ready to help you.

My hard hat fell off when I saw what BIM can do combined with the data we already know how to produce with 3D laser scanners.

Dean S.


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