BIM services are the right choice if you:want larger by yourself.BIM only occasionally.have a problem of scaling.have a limited budget.

We hope You are here because you understand that subcontracting BIM actually makes a lot of sense in many case scenarios and the strategy of hiring professional consultants pays off long term if you approach it the right way. Out of ENR Top 500 companies, over a third use some form of subcontracting services. We are not here to connect the dots for you, but help with hard work on real life projects.

If you had the chance to check out our home page, you already know that we believe in having “skin in the game” and that is why you can start a project with us with ZERO upfront cost. That is how we say thank you for giving us the opportunity to subcontract for you and your end clients.

We did our best to present our major projects in the Case Studies section but, as you can imagine, there is always more to tell. With every challenge we overcome, we become just a bit wiser and more prepared for the next one.

Feel free to inquire about any of our services above, and if you still have more questions, we are always ready to answer them via live chat or video call.

Each ArchiJOY project comes with:Zero upfront cost.Proven workflow.One point of contact.Project case study.Scalable team.

Outsourcing Revit modeling

Outsourcing Revit modeling services pays off for these BIM tasks

The main challenge with outsourcing Revit modeling services is finding out which BIM project types are worth subcontracting with minimal number of communication cycles and quick setup of the workflow.

Subcontracting tasks and not complete projects. Focusing on the tasks […]