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After gaining the expertise in BIM over a period of 10 years on major projects like Guinness Storehouse reconstruction, Boston Globe and Colorado State Capitol, we now offer that expertise in a form of custom tailored, done for you, scan to BIM as-built service, on as-needed basis.

All this at a fraction of the price big brand names offer! Our service helps you get rid of unused expensive software, training and redundant in-house staff expenses.

We serve small and medium sized general contractors, architectural offices and surveyors with premium scan to BIM services. All of this, independent of your location.

In UK  and US – New York, Boston, Austin TX and Los Angeles, we also offer 3D laser scanning services through our local representatives!

All our scan to BIM services have been developed together with our US business partners. We are improving our workflows daily. Subsequently, we also speed up project delivery and save costs, compared to standard workflows you may have acquired from your software or hardware suppliers.

Scan to BIM services are the right choice if you:work by yourself.have limited budget.have a problem of scaling.want larger projects.BIM only occasionally.

Tested on large and small clients, even with no BIM experience!

Get completed project sample files with each inquiry to help you out with estimates and level of detail for your BIM.

Stay relaxed with no money down for the project start and open door for free revision for 30 days. Explore the website for special offer codes!

We use Revit, BIM 360, ReCAP, EdgeWise and Vray for Revit. Our engineering heads included too.

Work directly with us online or with one of our partners on the ground. Always get the same point of contact to ensure reliability and service satisfaction.

6 full time engineers with slippery mouse pads, for faster BIM delivery. 10+ years of experience.
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Scan to BIM, architectural drafting, 3D rendering, BIM for FM, 4D and 5D BIM, laser scanning and MEP services modeling.


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Each type of BIM project produced by Archijoy comes with a sample carefully picked to showcase what you can expect in terms of model quality, details and hours spent.

We can guarantee this, because of 50 different projects of various scale and type finished yearly.

By tapping into our huge database of projects, with production times tracked down to the minute, you get maximum predictability in pricing.

Scan to BIM as-built data should be part of each BIM project and not an optional add-on!

With ArchiJOY as a support, you can bid on projects of different sizes, without any risks attached to as-built project phase or team scaling!

We understand that the added cost to scan to BIM services comes from unused expensive software, training and redundant in-house staff.

This is why a done for you, custom tailored service on as-needed basis, that comes with US and UK based, foots on the ground representatives is the answer to your next scan to BIM project.

Each project comes with:One point of contact.Zero upfront cost.Project case study.Scalable team.Proven workflow.

Tested on large and small clients, even with no BIM experience!

Still not sure if this is for you? Then check out Frequently Asked Questions or have a live chat with our manager.